Tips On Your Moving Day

Ready to move? There are a lot of steps to check off in between deciding that you want to relocate and successfully executing it. From packing and planning to figuring out how on earth you’re going to unpack and organize everything once you’re finally done, you’ll have to juggle quite a hefty to do list before you can finally sit back and relax in your new digs.

And then there’s moving day itself. Even the best of planners can find moving day to be overwhelming and exhausting, but fortunately, there are ways to make it go at least a little bit easier. Follow our moving day tips for advice on how to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We have some tips to help you get organized on the moving day:

  1. Be well-packed with boxes labeled, or remember to direct the movers to pack up boxes clearly if your packing day is the same as moving day.
  2. If you’re using our packing services, group and label any extra-fragile items needing special attention to the packers.
  3. Secure designated parking as close to the house or apartment as possible.
  4. Check closets, cabinets, drawers and any other storage spaces for overlooked items.
  5. When your Best Choice Moving professionals arrive, ask any questions you may have before they begin. Also, show them which bathrooms they can use.
  6. Remain close by until loading is complete. Give clear instructions of your moving plan, so that they can help you better.
  7. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged, so that the movers can always get in touch with you.
  8. Make sure again that someone will take good care of your kids and pets on the moving day.
  9. If you are busy on the moving day, be available to accept delivery or authorize an adult to accept delivery at your new home.
  10. Make some pre-arrangements/plans before moving into your new home if possible. When unloading, be ready to direct where each piece of furniture will be placed, including laying rugs and setting up any beds that were disassembled.
  11. Decide which room the boxes will go to, and let our movers help you. So that when you do unpack by yourself after the move, you don’t need to relocate the heavy boxes by yourself.
  12. Check your household goods as they are unloaded, make sure none of your belongings is left in our truck cargo when the move is done.

Small Conclusion

With the moving tips above, you will have a very clear idea on things you need to pay attention to on the day your move begins. But always remember, no two moves are exact same, so as the customers. You may still have your personal things-to-do on your moving day, and always keep them in mind.

Good luck, and we look forward to provide you the best moving experience at Best Choice Moving & Storage!

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