Things To Do After Your Move

Congratulations! Now that you have all of your belongings moved in to your new home, and you must be eager to unwrap your boxes and decorate your new place you want as soon as possible.

But before that, there are still a few things to do to really finish the move perfectly.


  1. Do a detailed walk in your new home


The very first thing you need to do is a thoroughly check-out to make sure every piece of furniture is fine. Especially to those large pieces of furniture which were disassembled in your old home, and reassembled in your new home. When our Best Choice professionals doing disassembly to your belongings, they always know how to reassemble them back in the same way. However, if you would like to reassemble them after the move to save your budget, please ask our movers for instructions and they will tell you how they disassembled your items and where did they put the separate parts.


  1. Make arrangement for your used packing materials


Using environmental-friendly paperboard boxes as packing material is a very smart moving tactic, which helps you to collect small or fragile items and makes moving get easy for movers. When it comes to the end of a move, you may want to clear as much clutter as possible but getting rid of empty boxes and condensing half-unpacked boxes. You can donate empty boxes or give them to friends who may need them for an upcoming move.


  1. Cleaning & junk removal


Before you start to put away your new home and do cleaning, the first thing to do is always junk collection. Some of the moving materials used to protect your items, like shrink wrap and bubble wrap, will become junk after the move and may cause you headache. If you don’t have enough spare time to collect & dispose them by yourself, feel free to schedule a debris removal service with your move coordinator at Best Choice Moving & Storage. For an additional charge, our team can break down empty boxes, condense packing paper and more right when your move is finished. We also provide cleaning services after the move. Our cleaning team will guarantee you a shining & bright new home with care & professionality.

We always appreciate your valuable trust and business!

Best Choice Moving & Storage always put the customers’ satisfaction to our highest importance, and we have kept a highest service standard for 19 years to keep every happy customer satisfied. After your move is finished, don’t forget to leave us a five-star good review on Google and Yelp if you too feel satisfied. We are always eagerly looking forward to help you again on your next journey!

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