Piano and Special Items Moving

Service Overview

We understand that moving a piano can be a daunting task, and requires special attention to ensure it is handled safely and securely. Our piano moving services provide professional, experienced movers who are specially trained to handle delicate instruments with care. We can move any type of piano from Console or Grand Pianos to uprights, we have the required training, professional expertise, and proper equipment for piano moving with the utmost care.


How It Works?!

Unlike other furniture, moving a piano is a painstaking task. Our well-trained piano movers ensure that it will be packed, transported, and delivered to its new place with utmost safety.

  • Step-by-step Disassembly & reassembly
  • Secure Packing
  • Professional Piano Moving tools
  • Safe Transportation & Delivery
  • Ready For All Piano Sizes

No matter how tough a piano move might seem, there is one thing always to keep in mind which goes; if anyone could get it in, then it can be gotten out. Our Best Choice Moving specialists are well trained to examine the environment of the relocation and bring out a method to get the piano out in the simplest and safest possible way.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best piano moving prices for all kinds of pianos.

Professional Team

Our piano moving experts are adequate for moving all size pianos from concert grand to digital.

Flipping and Tilting

We are skilled to move pianos even if we’re facing steep stairs and limited space.

Benefits of Service

All of us understand pianos are heavy and fragile, that is why effectively and safely moving a piano takes a lot of practice and effort than other items. This is one great reason you ought to work with the experts. If you have not time to waste, you can get the process that began with us today.

Please make sure that the room where the piano is has enough space for our movers to do packing for it. Kindly remove other items and furniture to make the move easier.

We use specialized straps, blankets, shrink wraps, and piano skid to secure your piano. We put a premium on protecting your instrument at all times.

We appreciate it if you can cover your floors before our movers come. Or we will still use our blankets to protect your floor. Overall, we protect not just your piano but also your property while we work.