Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving Without Disturbing the Holiday Season


Your new home relocation should be magical at this time of the year

Today’s blog post is for those family households that place a lot of leisure value on the Holiday season. If this is you, then you know that moving in the month of December can throw a big wrench into your family’s plans for enjoying all of the affairs of Christmas and the New Year. However, we do not often get to pick and choose the month that we move. We often have to accommodate new home possession move-in dates, new career opportunities (as being the reason for the relocation), or some other scenario that lands moving day within the calendar days of December. Because our Vancouver moving company is sensitive to all of the needs of our prospective customers we decided to provide a few helpful tips to get you through your relocation without skipping a fun beat this (or future) Holiday season.

5 Tips to Having Fun While Moving During the Holidays

1. Decorate Your New Home as Soon as You Get the Keys

Obviously you won’t be decorating your old (current) home when you’re moving in the middle of the month. It can be also tempting to skip the effort of decorating the new one that you are taking possession of with only a few days left until the New Year arrives. However, that’s no reason to have the family miss out on the comforts that a warmly decorated abode can bring. In fact, you have all the more reason to grab those new keys as soon as possible and sneak in early to decorate so that when the rest of your family gets the first peek on moving day your new home will already be decked out in the lights and decorations that they are familiar with. Doing so will make your new home feel like, home.

2. Secure Temporary Storage to Free Up Space and Time

Save yourself the scramble of being able to pack up, transport, and unpack everything within a day or few. Leave time to enjoy the season by securing a storage facility for at least one month (mid-month to mid-month) so that you have the comforts of moving your possessions at your own pace. Having temporary storage during the month is also a perfect way to store and keep prying eyes off of gifts before they find their way to the bottom of the tree on December 25th.

3. Provide Family and Helpers with a Continuous Wave of Seasonal Refreshments

In the summer it’s known to keep a fuller stocked cooler (from iced tea to Kokanee) within reach so that helpers can keep refreshed during the moving process. However to keep spirits bright during a Holiday season relocation you will want to keep a steady rotation of hot chocolate, peppermint mochas, hot apple cider, and baked goodies so that kids, spouses, family, and friends all helping with the move are motivated by satiated tummies and taste buds.

4. Reserve Times to Drop Everything and Attend Holiday Events

Sometimes the only way to ensure you have a good time during a hectic period of your life is to schedule it in the same manner that you would any other task or errand. Prepare a schedule of family attendance at various Holiday events (e.g. Nutcracker Ballet, Festival of Lights, etc…) and buy up tickets early so that are committed to joining your community in ringing in the season to be jolly. You absolutely have our permission to have fun during your relocation.

5. Santa’s Helpers Are Professional Movers Too

The best way to take the load off of your Holiday season relocation is to hire a professional moving company to take care of the daunting packing, transporting, and unpacking. This will free up the much valued time to spend with your family, friends, and all loved ones during the time of the year that we often come together the most. Best Choice Moving & Storage movers are basically Santa’s helpers when it comes to relocating during the Holidays so please feel free to contact our Vancouver moving company today to ensure that yours is memorable for the right reasons.