Vancouver Movers’ Tips to Moving in Together


With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, many couples may very well be on the verge of moving in together as vows to do so will be exchanged on the 14th of this month. Moving in together presents a unique set of circumstances as the joining of individual households takes place. If not planned properly the paradisiacal sense of new love can be challenged in the first month. In today’s blog we provide a few tried and true tips to ensuring a successful union.

5 Tips for Couples Moving in Together for the First Time

1. Consolidate

Attempting to merge households while hoping that each of you can keep all of your possessions without cluttering your home is nothing more than a fantasy. Take stock of “who has what” when it comes to shared items such as TVs, stereo equipment, appliances and such and then select the best of each as the sole candidate of what will stay in the home. This step is easy enough as determining which to keep is based upon simple identifiers (55″ LCD vs 42″LCD, etc…).

2. Create Your Own Spaces

The best way to keep the love and peace flowing in your conjoined home is to create a space for each of you to retreat to when you need some “me” time. Whether a “man cave” or “ladies lair” agree on a room, or area (depending on your square footage), that will be delegated for each of you when you need an escape. It will actually serve to bring you even closer together.

3. Closet Space

Don’t even think about trying to share the same closet. One of you has way more clothes than the other. One of you is way messier than the other. The one with the most clothes and accessories gets the big closet while the other may have to accept their closet space is designated to another room or even into the hall closet. Buy separate dresser drawers as well. Keep your clothes apart and once again you will keep closer together because of it.

4. Delegated Cleaning Duties

Returning once again to the point that one of you is invariably messier than the other it is important to set the rules in the very beginning when it comes to maintaining a clean home. Designate cleaning duties from the get-go. Whether you separate the chores by room or by duty (cleaning windows, vacuuming, etc…)

5. Store the Excess

Even after consolidation, creation of personal spaces, and designating of separate closet spaces you will still have a few more possessions around the home than either of you is accustomed to. However this does not mean you should be getting rid of valued possessions for the sake of saving space in the home. Instead, secure off-site storage with an affordable, reliable, and convenient monthly storage provider near you. You get to keep your possessions while maintaining order in your new home, and relationship.