Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in May


The first day of May (today) marks yet another new edition of our monthly moving blog series. The snow caps are slowly disappearing off of our Greater Vancouver horizon and we can tell spring is indeed in the air, along with the rustlings of an impending summer moving season ahead. This month marks a unique take on the home relocation process so be sure to take a gander at our advice below to help you move during the month of May.

5 Tips to Moving in May

1. Weather Report

The first thought that comes to mind for many when considering weather in the month of May in Vancouver is rain. However you may not need to resort to reading our usual tips to moving in the rain article in explicit detail over the next 30 days. In fact, May rainfall in Vancouver falls on the drier side of the spectrum and over the past few years the month has been quite conducive to outdoor BBQs, seawall jogs, ice cream, and household relocations.

2. Mother’s Day Moves?

If your family household is moving in May and you plan on taking advantage of the weekends to get it done then you had better call in some extra help on the 11th of the month – Mother’s Day. Be a good son or daughter and ensure that Mom does not have to lift a finger to pack, clean, and transport on that day. A happy mom makes for a happier household and ultimately a more pleasant relocation.

3. May Long Weekend

Victoria Day makes landfall in BC on May 19th (a Monday) which provides those of you planning an end of the month move with some extra space to move out of your space. The extra day away from the “office” with the kids home from school (where applicable) will help you get a head start on the final stretch of your relocation.

4. Rental Competition

Rental competition in Greater Vancouver is actually a little more relaxed than one would think for May, where the hint of the moving season ahead begins to rear its head. There are many new rental condo developments being completed this month, vacant, and awaiting renters to move on in. In addition college and university students have completed their spring semesters and are heading back home for the summer. If you’re a renter and looking to move in May it is a good time to strike before June arrives.

5. Moving Season Preliminaries

As we’ve hinted twice above moving season is indeed on the way and in anticipation many households have aimed to move in May to get a jump on the demand for moving and storage services, before availability tightens up. If you are moving in May there is no better time than today to secure the services of a professional mover to ensure that you are able to book one to accommodate your schedule and budget. Contact Best Choice Moving and Storage today.