Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in March


The first Monday of the month always marks the arrival of our Vancouver mover’s monthly moving tip blog series. March is a month of major transitions and thus offers a unique take on the household relocation process for those of you living (and moving) in the Lower Mainland. We hope this article offers you a little extra insight for what to expect in the month ahead should you be planning for a move.

4 Tips to Moving in March

1. Weather Report

Spring officially arrives this month. Unlike much of the rest of the country it actually does rear its head on schedule here in Vancouver, with temperatures warming enough to make the outside portion of your relocation a little more pleasurable. You need not be as concerned about the roads or for climate sensitive household items (plants, aquariums, and uber-sensitive electronics, etc…) making the move-in and out transition. You can also dress a bit lighter when “on the job” on moving day. The rains of the Vancouver’s spring season do pick-up however, with an average of 22 days seeing precipitation in Vancouver. However we have noted that over the last few seasons we have seen this occur later into the season in May. Nonetheless you may want to prepare for a rainy day relocation.

2. Don’t Fall Behind When You Spring Forward

March also marks the semi-annual time change, arriving this year on Sunday March 9 at 2 AM. Remember the “spring forward” rule by moving time ahead by one hour (2AM becomes 3AM). For many this is a non-event while for others losing this one hour of sleep throws them for a loop. If you are moving on the 15th (the common mid-month move) you will likely be completing the bulk of your preparations on that very Sunday of the time change. Get to sleep early and remind anyone arriving Sunday morning to help with the relocation effort that an hour is lost so that nothing falls behind in the well planned moving-prep schedule of the day.

3. Spring Break Gives Parents a Break in Juggling School Schedule While Moving

March adds the benefit of Spring Break for those households with children. Traditionally this may pose a problem for parents who value the time that their kids are occupied by the local school board. However when it occurs at the end of the month in March, as dictated by the Vancouver School Board this year, it offers those households moving with children a more relaxed time frame. Factoring in school picks-ups, lunches, drop-offs, homework, and related cirricular activities makes moving week tricky to say the least. Spring Break alleviates this burden and throws in an extra helper (or more) to help with the packing and cleaning.

4. Rental Competition Relaxed

The are at least no major transitions with respect to residential rental trends in Greater Vancouver in March. College/university is still in session, new year resolutions (moving for a new job, etc…) have settled, and all remains uneventful. In fact a few new rental property construction projects are near (or have arrived at) completion this month in the Greater Vancouver area. This has only opened up the rental market more, in favor of those of you relocating to a rental accommodation.

Stay tuned for the arrival of our April edition to our monthly moving tips series and be sure to check back for our other weekly posts here on our Vancouver mover’s blog. For all inquiries regarding moving and storage in Vancouver please contact Best Choice Moving & Storage today.