Vancouver Movers Tip to Moving in April

Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in April

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The first entire month of spring has sprung with the beginning of April. As we post this article from our Vancouver moving company office the sun is shining, the blossoms are blooming, and the air is crisp – making for the perfect day to pen our entry into our monthly moving tips series. The month of April doesn’t vary too far from our March edition but it is still unique within itself. So if you plan on moving this month you have our permission go find a perfect patio spot, grab a coffee or tea, and soak up the sun to this most recent Best Choice Moving and Storage blog post.

5 Tips to Moving in April

1. Weather Report

The moniker of April showers sticks for a reason so you’ll be safer to bet on rain arriving on the day of your move, than not. However there is no need for concern as Best Choice Moving  has you covered with our popular Tips to Moving in the Rain article which has served to assist many households in the middle of a rainy day relocation.

2. Easter Long Weekend

There’s nothing like having a long weekend land right before your moving day. It allows you the extra time to complete packing and cleaning and run the additional errands often appended to a moving day/week. This long weekend is born from Easter so at the very least you (unless you own your own business) and your kids (if applicable) will have Good Friday (April 18th) off while many office jobs also allow Easter Monday (April 21st) as a day away from work as well. Take advantage of the “free” days to get ahead on your move.

3.   Vancouver Sun Run

If you happen to moving to or from the downtown core of Vancouver in the month of April you will likely have your relocation impacted by the annual Vancouver Sun Run. The marathon lands on Sunday April 27 for 2014 which means moving day for many of you residing in the area. Roads will be closed, parking will be next to impossible to find, and there will be pedestrians EVERYWHERE. Know the route and road closures by visiting the event’s information page here.

4. Rental Competition Relaxed for the Last Time (for the next  little while)

April still remains pretty relaxed with respect to the competition vying for local home rentals. Thus securing moving, storage, and other services related to your relocation remain open enough to accommodate your schedule. However moving season is arriving soon and the residential migration climate begins to heat up somewhat in May. If you are still undecided if you are going to find a new rental this month or the next, take this one, and get packing.

5. Beginning of the Month Hi-jinx

If you happen to be reading this article this AM and TODAY is your moving day (for that March to April transition) then be prepared for April Fool’s tricks from friends and family helping out with the relocation. You may very well receive calls today stating “Sorry, can make it” or “The truck broke down” and the like – just to see if they can get a rise out of you, before confirming that they are indeed arriving to help you soon. Be prepared when that phone rings if you have tricksters in your entourage.

See you in 31 days for our next monthly moving tips series edition.