Vancouver Movers Guide to Moving in October


Today’s post continues with Best Choice Moving’s new blog series regarding moving advice for each particular month of the year. Each month is marked by a different set of characteristics that makes it unique. Sure the changing weather in our Pacific Northwest climate impacts the relocation process but there are other events and scenarios to consider as well. The arrival of October is no different and so our Vancouver moving company is providing you with a few helpful tips to make it through your household relocation during the first full month of autumn.

5 Tips to Moving in October

1. Your Kids & their School

Last month we basically suggested to keep the kids as far from the responsibility of the physical relocation as much as possible. It was their first month of school and they were just getting accustomed to their new schedule, the homework, the social surroundings, and so forth. Now that October has arrived they’ve assimilated into the day to day school process somewhat and can return to being “your little helpers”, once their homework is complete that is. Instead of rehashing old advice on the matter you can simply refer to our fun article on tips to moving with children which provides some great insight on packing and moving with kidlets in tow.

2. Weather Report

As we look out of the windows of our Vancouver moving company office it is very clear that the balmy days of September have passed and we are now thick in the middle of rainy season (please try to withhold the 365 day/year Vancouver rainy season jokes for the moment). If you haven’t secured the services of a local professional moving company then you certainly need to treat an impending move in the rain with great care. Once again Best Choice digs into its recent archives and suggests that you take a gander at our article offering tips to moving in the rain.

3. Mid-Month Long Weekend

Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend lands on the second weekend of October which offers a perfect opportunity for those facing an October relocation. Some of you may consider an official move-in date of the 15th and with this year’s holiday landing on the 14th you will likely be able to push the move a day prior and perform the move on the statutory holiday, meaning that you will not have to give up a vacation day or pull the kids out of school (sorry kids!). If you are not moving mid-month this long weekend it is still close enough to month’s end to justify dedicating it to packing and cleaning up the current residence.

4. Less Competition for Rentals

While there were certainly fewer rentals available for non-homeowners during September when new students and new career starters are seeking a place to take up residence the following month of October is much more open. The migration has settled and while there may not be a surplus of vacant condos the competition vying for a place has died down significantly. This allows you to be a little more picky when selecting a place within your budget.

5. Halloween

Towards the end of the month we plan on penning an article offering tips for how to handle a family move without sacrificing Halloween fun. However, we thought it worth definite mention in our Tips to Moving in October article. Many of you will be vacating and relocating on the 31st, “unfairly” on the actual day of Halloween. Amidst all of the bustle of moving day, please remember to take some time for yourself and the kids to make sure that this fun day of ghosts and ghouls isn’t completely overshadowed by the relocation. Stay tuned for our Tips to Moving During Halloween article in three weeks.

Our Vancouver moving company is at-the-drop-of-a-hat ready to move any household no matter the month of the year. If you are moving this October please feel free to contact Best Choice Moving today and start the first full month of fall off right. Be sure to check back next month when we release our November edition.