Vancouver Movers Guide to Moving in December


In continuing with our monthly Vancouver moving guide we must admit that this month of December is the most unique of the twelve. The month is marked by a steeper drop in temperature, an often demanding early-in-the-month workload at the “office” (relative to your career) followed by a break (unless you work in retail/hospitality), an increase in leisure, and of course the Holiday season as a whole. Moving in December in Vancouver can be a challenge. Today our Vancouver movers provide a little guidance and an idea of what to expect when moving in December.

5 Tips to Moving in December

1. Weather Report

While Vancouver weather in December can be mild it should still be noted that this month marks the official beginning of winter. At some point it will indeed make itself evident within the month and Murphy’s Law would have it land on your moving day. Best Choice Moving & Storage has prepared a couple of articles to help you navigate a move in the winter. We encourage you to read our Tips to Moving in the Snow, and Items that Should Not be Left Out in the Cold.

2. Christmas Break for Kids

You may see this as a blessing or less than so depending on the age of your children. You have a big break coming up for the school schedules of your kids so if they are of the age (teens) where they can help out with the move then it works in your favor. If not (pre-school, elementary school) then it may prove tricky to have them in your care throughout the entire day when preparing for a relocation at month’s end. Be sure to make arrangements with friends/family to keep your kids out of the cold and occupied with them during the day/s of the move.

3. Rental Competition Very Low

Very few people desire to move in the busy month of December and thus the month offers you the opportunity to search for rental properties with fewer prospects fighting for the same space. In addition, moving & storage companies are much more open with respect to availability which can mean that you will likely get a better deal when booking a Vancouver moving company.

4. Outdoor Recreational Gear

Vancouver is a major living destination for homes that value outdoor leisure and this is most often true for the month of December. This ski hills have opened and ski/snowboard enthusiasts take to the mountains in droves. If you are considering adopting this lifestyle for the first time then you will find that you will quickly be adding to the collection of outdoor recreational equipment (kayaks, SUPs, etc…) that you may already own from the spring/summer seasons past and for the future. Many condo based households secure offsite storage for this purpose alone. If you want to make the most of all that the region of Greater Vancouver holds in this respect then consider securing storage this December – keep your winter recreational gear close by at home and then place your spring/summer equipment safe (and out of the way) in storage.

5. It’s the Holidays, Don’t Neglect to Enjoy Accordingly

The biggest bummer for many when moving in December is attempting to do so while juggling the fun festivities that the season/month has to offer. This is especially an issue when you have children. Be sure that amidst all of the chaos that you plan well in advance and make family/friend time to attend and partake in the special affairs of the season. Stay tuned for next week’s Vancouver movers blog for advice on exactly how to accomplish that.

Best Choice Moving will add additional articles through the remaining weeks of this month that will help you address the above mentioned scenarios of moving in Vancouver in December. Until then, please do contact our Vancouver movers if your household is relocating within the remaining days of 2013, or beyond.