How to Unpack after Moving

our vancouver movers tips for unpacking in your new home.

Unpacking is the most imminent and important thing to do right after delivery. To make sure you do not feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the project looming ahead of you, follow this simple guide where the steps have been broken down for you.

Step 1: Place your large furniture

We recommend making plans on where to place your large pieces of furniture before you move. In many cases, you may not have the opportunity to get a good enough view of your layout to make the decisions right before you unload the truck. Therefore, try to get to your new house before the movers come in and take some time to decide where your pieces should go.

Step 2: Install large appliances

If you have moved any of your old household appliances from your old residence you, you should consult the manuals and install them according to the instructions. If you are unsure how to proceed, seek professional advice. Make sure to check your appliances immediately upon installation.

Step 3: Assemble essential furniture

Put together furniture that you simply cannot do without immediately, such as beds and safety chairs for your children. You may even want to consider assembling them before installing any appliances if you feel you need a good rest before you tackle the latter task.

Step 4: Unpack the essentials

If you have an essentials’ box, make sure you have clearly labelled it and have it ready. It should be easy to find among all the other items in the trucks. You might even have packed one box per person, in which case ask your family members to unpack their own.

Step 5: Make up the beds and get food

This is the best part of unpacking day. Make sure your beds are ready before going out to enjoy a good dinner at a local restaurant or ordering take-out. If you have children, try to make this part of the move as much fun as possible as a reward for the main part of the move and a celebration of a new beginning.

Hopefully you will find this simple break-down of steps useful on your first day of unpacking! If you have yet to move and are looking for local Vancouver moving services, we would be glad to be of help.