Tips to Moving During the Same Month as Your Vacation


Spring break (for those family units with children and/or teachers in the mix) is around the corner. Even those of you who are not technically impacted by the official “time slot” often plan to take a vacation within the framework of March. Just as waves of households prepare to dive into some waves along the shores of tropical destinations many are also planning a relocation on either the middle or end of the month. However just because the daunting task of a home move is on the same horizon as vacation time it does not mean that you have to sacrifice that oh-so needed getaway. To help ease your relocation and place more concentration back on planning your vacation for the very same month our Vancouver movers have provided a few helpful tips.

5 Tips to Planning a Relocation Around a Vacation

1. Pack & Clean Earlier Than Normal

Get packing (for your relocation) and cleaning weeks earlier than you initially planned. The two things consume the most amount of time in a household move, so if you plan on sticking to your vacation plans during the month of your relocation you will need to free up as much of that time as possible. If you were going to start four weeks ahead of time, start six instead, and so forth. That way when you return from your trip just days before you move you’re already good to go.

2. Set Aside Your Travel Essentials

When packing be sure to set aside your vacation essentials and keep them in a separate space. When packing up paperwork and documents don’t bury your family passports, travel medical insurance cards/forms, and the like in with your other files into boxes. Batteries, cameras, outdoor recreational gear, and of course your vacation clothes (which may have been packed away for the winter) need to be kept close by so that you are not scrambling to find them before you depart.

3. Pretend to be Home

Homes security is always a concern for those who head out of town, leaving an unattended house. When you add a packed up home (due to the relocation) to the equation you make your home a target for those with nefarious intentions, with households possessions literally gift wrapped for the taking. Be sure to refer to our article titled 5 Tips to Protecting Your Home When Out of Town to give the appearance that your home is being “lived in” while away and you’ll gain peace of mind.

4. Secure a Storage Locker for Temporary Holding

You may be arriving back from your trip with only a day or two before moving into your new home. Perhaps you have already moved in but left for your pre-booked vacation immediately after. Either way securing a convenient storage locker near your new home will allow you the grace period on either side of both the vacation and moving days so that you can store the non-essentials and pack them into your new home at a more casual pace, after your arrival. Knowing that the bulk of your load is being held in a safe secure environment, leaving less of an immediate burden upon your return, will allow you the mental ability to truly relax and enjoy your trip.

5. Hire a Professional Mover

There is no question that the easiest way to alleviate your household moving workload when taking a vacation within the same few weeks is to hire a trusted and professional moving company. Let Best Choice Moving & Storage be your concierge for your relocation, and vacation (indirectly), by contacting our Vancouver movers today.