Tips on How to Adjust to a New City: Part I

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Millions of Canadians move each year, but not every move is done willingly. Perhaps you relocated for a new job opening, for your family, or for schooling – whatever reason that you have, it all boils down to the fact that you did not move by choice. However, this does not mean that you cannot adjust and come to love your new city and home. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your relocation and find your own happy ending in a foreign city.

Tip 1: See it as your next big adventure

Moving to a new place will give you the chance to experience new things and hopefully grow as an individual. Soak up your positive energy and get out of your house to explore! Visit local landmarks and try the local cuisine. If there are activities that were not available in your old city, such as snowboarding, then by all means go for it! You may discover that you have a hidden side to you never known before you tried new things.

Tip 2: Introduce yourself

Make yourself known to the neighbors and everyone else you meet in social settings, such as work and local gatherings. Tell the people that you are new in town and are seeking advice and tips about living in this city. Chances are people would love to help you out and will start to invite you to events to get you involved.

Tip 3: Integrate yourself into the community

Attend local events that are of interest to you, such as the neighborhood yard sale, block parties, and farmers’ market. Volunteer at the pet shelter or elderly homes, take classes in the recreation centres, join a local sports league – all of these things will help you meet people and get connected with the local community.

Tip 4: Locate the amenities/necessities
Walk or ride around your new community is one of the best ways to learn where everything is, so head on out of your house and take note of the nearest library, recreation centre, supermarket, mall, etc.

We hope that you will soon adjust to your new city! If you need any help moving to, or from Vancouver and want an insured, trusted and reliable company, we’d be happy to help!