Things to Consider When Moving In With a Partner

Our Vancouver movers offer tips for moving in with your partner.
Moving in together marks a big step in your relationship and ups the commitment situation by a whole new level. Now you’re not only sharing your space, but your life, together. This will undoubtedly change the relationship in many ways, both positively and negatively. Here are some things to keep in mind when making this decision.

What to Consider when Moving in Together

Know why you’re doing this

Why do you want to move in together? It is important to talk about where you both see the relationship going and what you want to achieve. Will this be a trial period and eventually result in marriage or a long-term cohabitation? If it’s simply to cut financial costs, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

Respecting each others space

Apart from being together emotionally, you will physically be together more often. You’ll see what the other person looks like when they sleep and when they wake up, and how they behave in their private personal life. Because you’ll be in each others space so often, you have to be aware of boundaries more than ever. You can do this by respecting each others personal space. Living together doesn’t mean that you have to do everything together.

You will have to compromise

You two are different, and living together may magnify those differences even more. How do your levels of cleanliness compare to each other? How are your daily schedules? Eating habits? When you live with your partner, you will have to live with their eccentricities and accept them for what they are.


Decide how you will be splitting costs. While room and board may be divided evenly, what about food and things for the house? If one person has a greater income than the other person, will they be expected to pay for more things? Will you be merging bank accounts? Not knowing how to manage your personal finances can prove to create more challenges down the road.

Trust your instinct

Sometimes just because you think you should do something, doesn’t mean that you should. You’ve made a list of pros and cons already about this decision and consulted friends and family, but in the end remember that the choice is ultimately yours. Think through the issue and discern whether it’s better to live separately and continue the relationship, or love together and be open to new challenges. It’s a big decision, so be sure to take as much time as you need to make up your mind.

Once you’ve made your decision give us a call and we’ll help make your transition as smooth as possible, ask us about our storage solutions too! We’d be happy to help.