What Commuting Can Teach You About Life

Moving in Vancouver can often lead to a long commute to work or school.
Commuting can be a hassle when you think about the the lengthy travel times, crowded trains and claustrophobia that’s associated with it. However, what you may not realize is that commuting is a lot like training for life itself. Read on to see why.

What You Learn From Commuting

You’ll engage with all sorts of people and conversations

Commuting is one way that you are introduced to people of such diverse backgrounds. When you go about your daily commute, you’ll notice that everyone commutes. Everyone of all shapes and sizes, races/ethnicities, ages, professions and religious backgrounds. You will engage in conversations with tourists and travelers, strangers and maybe even bump into friends. In real life, you meet people for a reason even if your time with them is only momentary.

Time won’t stop for you

You may miss your bus or train ride, but don’t despair. There is always another one coming around the corner. The thing is, it might take a while. Time stops for no one, and life goes on.

People are helpful

You’ll lose your ticket, catch the wrong bus, or get lost. It’s okay though. You’ll find that strangers are generally quite nice and are willing to help you out if you just ask.

There are many ways of getting to the same place

There’s a variety of train and bus routes you can take to the same location. The same can be said with the different philosophies and religions that people believe in. It doesn’t mean that people have wrong beliefs per se, just a different way of doing things that should be respected, especially when they don’t align with your own.

Stuff happens

Commuting allows you to be more observant of your surroundings. You’ll notice the details that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Street art, a new restaurant, and newly bloomed flowers. This allows you to appreciate the little things. At the same time, you will learn to look out for yourself in new environments and be ready to deal with distractions and unexpected happenings like bad weather or delays. These are out of your control, but you learn how to adapt because you have to. And when these things happen, you’ll be reminded of the things you are grateful for.

When you’re ready for a new commute and ready for a new location give us a call and we’ll ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.