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5 Reasons You’re a Self-Storage Person


5 Reasons You’re Someone Who┬áNeeds a Storage Locker, aside from the above (img: AMC Breaking Bad)

For some people, a storage locker outside of the home is a godsend. While we can all benefit from securing the services of professional storage provider it just makes sense for others whose lifestyle is made that much better by having the option readily available to them. In today’s Best Choice Moving (& Storage!) blog post we thought we’d help you identify if you indeed are one of these people.

5 Reasons Why Professional Storage is Perfect for You

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Vancouver Movers New Year Household Storage Resolutions


Our last blog post of 2013 intends to prepare your household for the year ahead. Regardless of whether or not you are moving in 2014 our Vancouver movers thought we’d put together an easy-to-follow list of “resolutions” to help keep your home free of clutter in the year ahead. By heeding the following advice you and your family can thrive in a clean, organized, and more spacious home. And if you do indeed intend on relocating within the next 365 days you will be much more prepared than ever with these initiatives in place.

3 Resolutions to a Clutter Free Home in the New Year

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Vancouver Movers 365 Day Preparation Plan to Moving


Fear not. Our Vancouver movers haven’t gone overboard by delivering a literal day-by-day 365 agenda to your next household relocation. Instead we are offering a few easy to follow (but VERY effective) tips for those “plan ahead” souls that anticipate moving approximately one year down the road.

5 Tips to Moving When You Have a Year to Prepare

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Moving in Vancouver at the End of October? Here’s Why You Need Storage


With only just over a week left in the month many of you are left scrambling to pack up the remainders of your home in preparation for a relocation at month’s end. Let us guess, you have way more possessions that you ever anticipated, right? It’s amazing how the things you collect during your time in a home can add up without you realizing it until it’s time to move. We’ve discussed the challenges of moving in October earlier in the month however as many people are jumping online at this very moment searching for solutions to their immediate relocation concerns Best Choice Moving thought it best to weigh in on the necessity of self-storage at the end of October when moving in Vancouver.

4 Reasons Why Moving at the End of October Requires Storage in Vancouver

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Vancouver Movers 5 Tips for New Empty Nesters

“Now what?”

The next college semester is exactly two weeks away and for many parents across the country their youngest child, now an adult, is shipping off to university for the final year and moving from the home for good. Now of course this is an emotional time for all parents but it also marks the beginning of a new stage in life. If you fit this category you are now considered an Empty Nester.

The entire household dynamic changes as this new stage settles in. While it will take getting used to the quiet around the home the transition period also presents a great opportunity to start anew. With the final 14 days counting down our Vancouver movers decided to put together a quick list to help Empty Nesters with some of the logistic-like details on how to both prepare for and accommodate the arrival of their soon-to-be wide open home.

5 Tips to Preparing the Home for Empty Nesters

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