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How to Keep Construction Noise Out of Your Home


If you have recently moved into a newer Greater Vancouver house or condo the chances are pretty good that you have found yourself right smack in the middle of a construction zone. The Lower Mainland is filled with construction sites that evidence the population growth of the region. We have talked to many households about the experience of moving into a condo with a nice view, only to find out that within weeks of moving that nice wide open space fronting their patio has been parked with bulldozers, excavators, and backhoe loaders while a crane begins to reach for the sky. This is a typical Vancouver problem – noise pollution experienced from moving next to a construction lot. What is one to do?

In our continuous endeavor to help our clients and prospective customers with all things related to the relocation process and home-living in general, we’ve provided a few helpful tips to help you get through the noise when you are living next to a temporary construction site in Vancouver.

5 Tips to Keeping Construction Noise Out of Your Home

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Best Tips to Moving in the Snow


There was talk over the local news and online weather stations that the potential for snowfall within metro-Vancouver existed over the weekend. While it never happened the freezing overnight temperatures forecast for the week ahead once again allow for that possibility should precipitation join the drop in the thermometer’s mercury. We all know how well Vancouver tends to handle even the slightest bit of snow so in the spirit of preparedness Best Choice Moving thought we’d use this week’s Vancouver moving and storage blog to guide those of you through the relocation process if moving day lands on snow day.

5 Tips to Moving in the Snow

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Vancouver Moving and Storage Company Tips on at Home Storage


Unless your home is built with space saving trap doors you’ll need the advice below

Best Choice Moving is not just Greater Vancouver’s most reliable local and long distance moving company, we are one of the most sought after local Vancouver storage providers. Our facilities are safe, secure, and affordable and we recommend that anyone moving households considers either short or long term storage for improved efficiency on their relocation. However we understand that there are many items that are best served kept in close proximity within your home and thus in our never ending duty to provide our readers with useful tips on the entire moving process we thought we’d provide a few pointers on how to maximize your “at home” storage.

5 Tips to Optimize at Home Storage

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