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10 Ways to De-stress after Moving: Part I of II

stressed couple movingMoving can be one of the top stressors in life. Packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking and organizing your belongings can drain your energy and leave you feeling exhausted. After you have completed relocating, you would no doubt want to unwind and de-stress, but finding ways that do not dig deeper into your pocket can be difficult. To help you relax in budget-friendly ways, we have compiled a list of ten inexpensive ideas for you to consider.

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Dear Mattress-Moving Men Everywhere

Let our Vancouver moving team offer some DIY tips for moving a mattress
Did you ever see a guy, out on the highway, moving a mattress tied to the roof of the car?
Without fail, he’s got the arm out of the window holding the mattress.
This is classic male idiot super-hero thinking.
This moron believes that if the wind catches this huge rectangle at 70 mph…
“I got it! I got it!”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“I’m using my arm!”

(Jerry Seinfeld, “I’m telling you for the last time”, 1998)

Knowing how to secure a mattress to the top of your car is a mandatory skill for any DIY movers. However, it takes skill and practice to perfect this. I can tell you from personal experience that that I have moved several mattresses in my career as a professional mover and only once did I lose it on the highway while pretending to be the Incredible Hulk back in the old days. Because of this, I decided to write this guide in the hope of helping you in your mattress-moving business. Hopefully it will also help keep the highways and roads a safer place for the good people out there.

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3 Tips for Moving from College to Home

Moving From College to Home with our Vancouver Movers
A few years ago you made the transition from staying in your family home to settling down in the college dorms. As the years breezed past, the University campus became your home, your dorm-mates became your family, and your dorm-bed was the spot you wanted to crash in after a long day at college. In between semesters, examinations, relationships, friendships, internships, you never stopped to realise how much this place has grown on you. But now, it is time to leave all this behind, and shift back to your family home, or into your own apartment!

Here are a few tips on how to make the process easier:

3 Tips for Moving out of your Dorms

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5 Tips to Moving Antiques

photo (1)

When it comes to moving your possessions one could hardly imagine more sensitive items to pack and transport than antiques. Vintage wares and antiques are popular items for curation within many Greater Vancouver homes and as the Lower Mainland’s premier relocation company we are called upon on numerous occasions to professionally pack and move these valuable (in sentiment and appraisal) goods. Because of this we thought we would provide our readers with some advice on what-to-do when preparing for a household move when antiques are counted among their collections.

5 Tips to Moving Antiques During a Household Relocation

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How to Prepare Your Home When Your Students Move Back In

imageedited image from wallpapersinhq.com

Awhile back our Vancouver movers blog touched on the topic of how empty-nesters can adjust to the life transition of when their kids move off to college. However now that it is the middle of May many students are returning to the homestead, turning an empty nest into an overflowing bundle of laundry and utility bills. That’s right, while it can be a joy to have the kids move back in for the summer it does come with a set of challenges. To help you get through this time when the flock returns to the nest we have provided a few helpful tips on how to accommodate this change in routine.

3 Tips to Preparing Your Home for Returning Students

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Should a Family Move into a High-Rise Condo?


One of the big benefits of moving into a Vancouver high-rise (image via masterconnect.ma)

As a Greater Vancouver moving company we have gained much insight into the mindset of family households as they move into a wide variety of residential properties throughout the Lower Mainland. Because we consider the relocation industry a part of the broad real estate process itself, Best Choice Moving & Storage continues to provide our readers with advice on many decisions related to their up and coming household moves. In this week’s post we look at high-rise condos and weigh in as to whether or not these towering residences are in fact a good match for family units. Without keeping you in suspense, we can tell you right off the bat that for some of you, a high-rise may very well be your best option when it comes to relocating your family into a new home.

5 Reasons Why a New High-Rise Condo May Suit Your Family

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3 Things to Do When Moving to a New City When Your Condo isn’t Complete


Excuse the long-winded title to this week’s blog post but it is necessary. You see, this may not be the most common problem for individuals and households moving to a new city, but it is indeed problem for more people than you may think. How often do you see “under-construction” conjoined condominium/commercial development projects with a big sign on the exterior fence stating a completion date that has already passed months ago? Quite a bit, right? Now imagine all of the owners that pre-purchased these properties on that promise. Then imagine those few that have set the wheels in motion to move from another city for a new career (etc…) and have depended upon the slated date of completion to begin their new life.

The issues that lead to the delays in completing a condo development can practically leave new owners arriving from out of town on the street if they have no contingency plan in place. For those select few our Greater Vancouver moving company has provided key tips for what to do when this happens to you.

3 Steps to Take for New Residents Waiting to Move into Their Pre-Purchased Condo

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Tips to Moving into a Vancouver Condo with a Dog


image courtesy of fidoloves.com

Vancouver is a dog loving city. Households all around the Lower Mainland make concessions in their life to accommodate the needs of their four legged family member. For the most part the relocation process for those of you with dogs is pretty straight forward and we have even provided tips in the past regarding advice on moving with dogs. However this recent article on moving to downtown Vancouver, with a heavy emphasis on condominium living, reminded us that a whole new set of considerations are at play when it comes to relocating into a condo with a dog. Best Choice Moving thought we’d weigh in on this important issue today.

4 Tips to Moving into a Vancouver Condominium with your Dog

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Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving to the Waterfront


If you are moving to, or within, Vancouver the chances that your next home lands you near the waterfront are greater than almost anywhere else in the country. Our proximity to saltwater bays, channels, harbors, and marinas puts many houses and condos within steps of the ocean. Best Choice Moving has moved more than a few households to the waterfront and because of this we have gained some insight that will serve you well, if such a relocation is on your horizon.

4 Tips for Households Moving to Vancouver’s Waterfront

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Tips to Moving to Downtown Vancouver


A recent article in the Vancouver Sun detailed the large growth in Metro Vancouver real estate sales at the onset of 2014. Within this widespread Lower Mainland trend includes a growth of downtown Vancouver sales, predominantly in the west side condominium market. As a Vancouver mover we make it our job to follow these trends as movement in real estate impacts movement in the local moving industry. As a local and long distance relocation expert we have transported individuals and households throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond into the downtown core and outlying areas. Our staff and company as a whole is very familiar with moving to and living within our metropolis and thus have decided to put together a quick list to help you with your move to the epicenter of Greater Vancouver.

4 Tips to Moving to Downtown Vancouver

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