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Checklist of Things to Do after Moving In: Part II

moving and unpackingSometimes moving feels endless.  Even after you have moved in, there are still so many things to do. We’ll do everything we can to make moving easier for you, including providing you with this handy checklist of post-move duties to tackle. Below is a continuation of last week’s checklist :

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Parting gift ideas for friends and neighbours when moving away

friends having an outdoor dinner partyDespite all the promises to stay in touch, it’s hard to leave friends and neighbors behind when relocating.  Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, but it is part of moving away that we all have to face. Giving your friends a heartfelt goodbye with a keepsake gift is a wonderful way to let them know that you will still value their friendship even when you are miles away. Below are some tips that we hope you will consider as you prepare to say goodbye to your pals and start a new chapter in your life in a new city.

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10 Ways to De-stress after Moving: Part II

woman running with her dogAll of the hassles associated with uprooting your life and relocating to a new place can make you so stressed that you want to scream. Thankfully, there are many ways to help you de-stress without putting more strain on your budget. Here, we will continue from our last entry and provide you with the second part of our top ten ways to help you unwind after the big move.

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10 tips for apartment-cleaning before moving

house cleaning before a moveMoving is a nerve-wracking experience with an endless to-do list.  If you are a renter, you have the added stress of having to prepare for a move-out inspection in order to get your damage deposit back. To help alleviate potential headaches, here is a simple guide for you to follow as you prepare to leave your apartment:

Move-out inspection cleaning checklist for renters

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Moving Awkward Furniture: Pianos

Our Vancouver moving company shares their tips for moving pianos.
Is it conflict of interest for us to recommend that you hire professional movers when it comes to moving pianos? Even if it is, we still want to do so, especially if you need to move it through stairs or elevators. This is because we care for you enough to bear the sin. Pianos are heavy and valuable, and so are your home and your back. If you are truly set on moving the piano yourself, please at least take the following advice to heart:

How to Properly Relocate a Piano

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Moving Awkward Furniture: Refrigerators

Clean out your fridge before moving it.If you hold your refrigerator as dearly as your other investments, you would move them with care. However, like any other heavy piece of furniture, moving these steel monstrosities can be difficult. If you have the time, right equipment, and extra hands, follow the five-step instructions we have laid out for you to move your refrigerator the right way.

How to Move a Refrigerator

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How to avoid SKS (Sad Kids Syndrome)* when you move: Part I

Let your Vancouver movers help make your next move a pleasant experience for all members of your family.
*Note: It’s not a real clinical disorder

Sooner or later, your family has to move. As disruptive as it is for the family, it can even be more traumatic for children. If you are moving with your children and you sense that they are affected negatively by the transition, give these tips a try to see if they can make the process less stressful for your little ones.

Our Vancouver Movers’ Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited about the Move

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