How to Prepare Your Home When Your Students Move Back In

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Awhile back our Vancouver movers blog touched on the topic of how empty-nesters can adjust to the life transition of when their kids move off to college. However now that it is the middle of May many students are returning to the homestead, turning an empty nest into an overflowing bundle of laundry and utility bills. That’s right, while it can be a joy to have the kids move back in for the summer it does come with a set of challenges. To help you get through this time when the flock returns to the nest we have provided a few helpful tips on how to accommodate this change in routine.

3 Tips to Preparing Your Home for Returning Students

1. Hide the Treadmill

Have you been enjoying their semester by semester absence a little too much? Does their old room now more resemble the local fitness center than their childhood place of refuge? While it of course is your right to do as you will with the rooms under your roof you still want your kids to feel welcome in their home. Don’t flaunt your new found identity as empty-nesters so excessively. Instead, consider putting the treadmill back in the basement while returning your kid’s favorite posters back to the walls of their vacated room, for now.

2. Set the Rules

While we admit to having a bit of a soft spot when it comes to your students’ childhood room it is still your house and it’s important to make sure that your young adult abides by a new set of rules as a “tenant ” in the home. Let them know these rules (chores, etc…) before the move back so that there are no surprises after they’ve settled in. The life they are accustomed to on campus (frat parties and dens decorated with empty pizza boxes?) may be different than the experience of being back with mom & dad so keep an open line of communication on this and all will be fine.

3. Secure Self Storage

With the kids off in the midst of receiving their undergraduate/graduate degrees you may have grown quite accustomed to a clutter-free home. Upon their return, even if it is for just a few months between semesters, an accumulation of possessions will once again rear its head in your house. Kids have stuff, lots of it. During their stay it is a good time to secure self-storage at a convenient and reliable storage facility. Whether you decide to put their “cargo” (outdoor recreational gear, etc…) or yours (that treadmill?) temporary storage is a great solution to keeping that empty nest from spilling over.