Moving in Vancouver at the End of October? Here’s Why You Need Storage


With only just over a week left in the month many of you are left scrambling to pack up the remainders of your home in preparation for a relocation at month’s end. Let us guess, you have way more possessions that you ever anticipated, right? It’s amazing how the things you collect during your time in a home can add up without you realizing it until it’s time to move. We’ve discussed the challenges of moving in October earlier in the month however as many people are jumping online at this very moment searching for solutions to their immediate relocation concerns Best Choice Moving thought it best to weigh in on the necessity of self-storage at the end of October when moving in Vancouver.

4 Reasons Why Moving at the End of October Requires Storage in Vancouver

1. You’re Moving on Halloween

Those in family units that counts kids in their number will certainly want to cut down the time and effort required for moving day so that they don’t skip a beat on one of their favorite seasonal affairs. Instead of cramming everything into a short window of time, securing Vancouver storage in the time frame of the relocation will help households keep family Halloween traditions alive. Having storage allows families the opportunity to gradually move their possessions from their old home into a temporary holding space so that when the big day arrives they don’t have to complete the entire move on one day.

2. Too Cold to Enjoy Your Seasonal Recreational Gear

Moving at the end of this month is the perfect time to part ways with your outdoor summer recreational gear until the thaw of spring. Instead of packing your new home full of these warm weather possessions (kayaks, paddle boards, etc…) keep them in a secure storage facility until you are ready to use them again.

3. Good Time to Get in on the Ground Floor

Moving season in Vancouver begins at the end of spring and lasts until the end of summer. During that time securing storage becomes more challenging as households all over the city seek self-storage services to aid in their relocations. Because of these constraints on availability you may not be able to find the perfect location, unit, or price that best suits your needs. However the transition from October into late fall / early winter is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor by selecting a budget friendly long term storage package in a unit and at a location perfect for your situation.

4. The Holiday Season is Coming Fast

If department stores are already packed with holiday items then it’s not too early for us to touch on this subject. The holiday season is indeed fast approaching and thus your end of October relocation marks the perfect time to secure self storage so that not only do you ease the physical move that occurs in a few days, you better prepare your household for the hectic two months ahead. Move all of your boxes of seasonal decorations into storage and free up additional space by doing the same with other non-pertinent possessions, allowing your new home the room it needs to prepare for the season ahead.

Convinced? Either way, at some point in your lives as a household, seeking out of home storage will become a necessity in order to maintain better order within the home. If at any point in the future you decide that you are ready to take a load out of your home and off of your mind we encourage you to contact Best Choice Moving & Storage today, your Vancouver storage experts.