Moving Awkward Furniture: Pianos

Our Vancouver moving company shares their tips for moving pianos.
Is it conflict of interest for us to recommend that you hire professional movers when it comes to moving pianos? Even if it is, we still want to do so, especially if you need to move it through stairs or elevators. This is because we care for you enough to bear the sin. Pianos are heavy and valuable, and so are your home and your back. If you are truly set on moving the piano yourself, please at least take the following advice to heart:

How to Properly Relocate a Piano

Ask for help:

No, you don’t need to call us, but please do ask for extra help! One simply cannot carry a piano by him/herself. We mean no offense, honest!

Get the right equipment:

Purchase some straps and rent a furniture dolly to support the weight of the piano. If in doubt, talk to your local moving agency. You may also need to purchase padding or blankets to protect the instrument from bumps, as well as the walls from cracks and scrapes

Protect the keyboard lid:

Close and lock the keyboard lid so that it will not pop open during the move. The keys are fragile, just like your fingers, so they need to be protected. Do not tape the lid close but use blankets to wrap it close if necessary

Wrap the piano:

Wrap the piano in blankets or padding, and make extra sure the corners are covered well. Secure it with packing tape but avoid direct contact with the piano’s surface

Lift the piano:

Do not lift the piano into position by its legs, be it onto the furniture dolly or onto the truck. The legs are vulnerable, and are susceptible to damage. Keep the instrument in the upright position and place the moving straps under the bottom with a strap on each end. With one person holding one end of the strap, lift the piano onto the furniture dolly carefully and secure it as soon as it is on. If your piano has casters, lock them in place

Secure the piano:

The instrument should be placed at the back of the moving truck and next to the back wall where it separates the truck’s interior cab from the space in back. You can also help relieve pressure on the casters and piano legs if you use wood plants to ensure a level flooring for the piano. Check to make sure it does not move around while the truck is in motion

Move it in:

Clear a space for the piano. Ideally, it should be against an inside wall where it will be protected from the cold. Reverse all abovementioned steps (except for the one where you have to call a professional)

Tune your piano:

As professional movers, we feel that this is optional. If you are used to cacophony, feel free to skip this, but not the step where you feel inclined to call us…

We cannot stress how difficult it is to move a piano. It is an investment that is worthy of careful protection but not enough to risk your health. Because we care enough for you to be bold, we are not ashamed to say this: Please allow us to bear your burden when you are moving this awkward musical instrument by contacting us.