How to move with your pets: Part II

puppy playing with boxes on moving dayYour pet is a cherished member of your family.  You certainly want your beloved canine or feline to be comfortable during a relocation and reduce their distress as much as possible. Below, we continue our guidelines for planning a move when you have pets.

Step 5: Scheduling the boarding

With boxes and all of your belongings scattered all over the place, you may find it hard to keep track on your pet.  Consider taking your pet to the kennel a couple of days before your move date and schedule a pick-up on departure day, after you have loaded everything into the moving truck and right before you leave. While going to the kennel is stressful for your pet, so is being underfoot when boxes are being stacked and could potentially fall. At the dog kennel or cat hotel, your pet will be out of your way and potentially out of harm’s way, during the frantic days before departure.

Step 6: Preparing your pet

At least a week before your move, book an appointment to have your pet groomed and cleaned. This is done partly to relax them and also to make sure that they will not dirty your vehicle and belongings. Furthermore, by grooming your long-haired pet before moving it, you will prevent large quantities of shedding that is likely to occur when animals are stressed.

Step 7: Researching your traveling routes

If you are driving to your new home, make sure you plan stops and breaks along the way. When staying in hotels, make sure that they take pets and check to see what kind of damage deposits they may need for pet-friendly rooms as well as details on extra housekeeping.

Step 8: Making a list of necessities

Remember to pack everything that you need for your pet beforehand. Perhaps your pet needs its special pillow, toy or prescription – whatever it may be, make sure that you have plenty on hand. It also never hurts to pack extra.

Step 9: Spoiling your pet

During this stressful time, give your pet the luxuries otherwise reserved for birthdays or other special occasions. Pack their favorite treats, let them sleep in their favorite spots and take them out for extra playtime. It will improve their mood and cheer them up before and after the move.

Although we will not be able to reduce the stress of moving for your beloved pets, we will be happy to do what we can to make your move as comfortable as possible for you. If you are in need of a trustworthy moving service here in Vancouver, feel free to browse our services.