How to Keep Construction Noise Out of Your Home


If you have recently moved into a newer Greater Vancouver house or condo the chances are pretty good that you have found yourself right smack in the middle of a construction zone. The Lower Mainland is filled with construction sites that evidence the population growth of the region. We have talked to many households about the experience of moving into a condo with a nice view, only to find out that within weeks of moving that nice wide open space fronting their patio has been parked with bulldozers, excavators, and backhoe loaders while a crane begins to reach for the sky. This is a typical Vancouver problem – noise pollution experienced from moving next to a construction lot. What is one to do?

In our continuous endeavor to help our clients and prospective customers with all things related to the relocation process and home-living in general, we’ve provided a few helpful tips to help you get through the noise when you are living next to a temporary construction site in Vancouver.

5 Tips to Keeping Construction Noise Out of Your Home

1. Install Double Pane or Storm Windows

If you own your home (house, condo, etc…) the installing double pane or storm windows will certainly reduce the construction noise coming from your exterior. While this may seem like an extreme measure for a temporary problem, we doubt that you will ever complain about things being too quiet in the future as you lay down to sleep each night. This short term problem solution will certainly serve you well in the long run.

2. Install Thick Drapes or Shutters

If you are renting or simply don’t desire to take on the expense of a window “upgrade” you’ll find that installing thick drapes or wooden shutters will have a big impact on noise levels entering the home. A simple trip to Home Depot (and the like) will uncover a solution (both aesthetically and functionally pleasing) for you.

3. Heavy Rugs Make a Difference

For those of you living in a high-rise condo, it is good to know that a thick, heavy area rug can actually serve to reduce the obtrusive noise coming from outside construction. Look at it this way, sound travels through a variety of entry points and thus any area of your condo, hardwood floors included, can conduct noise to your abode. Thick area carpeting has long been  used on hardwood floors in condos to prevent noise coming from downstairs tenants, but it can also help shield all noises entering your home, outside construction included.

4. Place Furniture to Block Outside Noise

Organize your furnishings, especially tall and wide items such as bookcases, so that they rest along the walls facing the site of construction. This can even be done with homes that have expansive windows without obstructing views too much. Furnishings can prevent noise pollution from finding its way through the windows and walls of your home to a great extent. Once construction is complete you can return them to their current Feng Shui position.

5. Fight Noise with Noise – of an Ambient Variety

Some people use electric fans as a practical means to add a calming “hum” to the audio environment of the home, ultimately drowning out the construction noises outside. Others decide to keep ambient tunes on stereo rotation while at home to do the same. Others consider the use of a sound machine which distributes “white noise” throughout the rooms. Find the “tune” that suits your household best and you’ll win the battle against bulldozers, excavators, loaders, and cranes outside of your front door.