Best movers Vancouver- Insurance

Our movers in Vancouver are insured and we suggest you ask any moving company if they provide this service for their workers.Best Choice Moving has Workman’s Compensation Board (WCB) coverage for our movers. You should ask any moving company you talk to if they have this. It’s very important to protect you from liability.

We also provide three kinds of insurance to our customers:

  1. Basic Insurance
  2. Minimal Insurance
  3. Extended Insurance

Basic Insurance is free. It will be automatically included at no extra charge. For Minimal Extended Insurance customers have to pay a premium. Also there must be an Inventory Condition Form filled for Minimal Insurance and Extended Insurance.

Claims must be submitted within 7 days after delivery day by fax or email.

We reserve the right to repair before any compensation is paid.

For more details about moving insurance please call us at 604-781-8728 or contact our Vancouver movers today.