Helping Your Children Settle into a New Community: Part I of II

Familywith kids movingIntroduce your children to their new surroundings by giving them a detailed tour of their new home and neighborhood as soon as they arrive.  Once they’re more comfortable, here are some great ideas to help them feel right at home:

Tip 1: Locate local kids

Ask your neighbors if there are children of a similar age who live on the street or in the neighborhood. Keep an eye out for telltale signs like bikes, toys, swing sets or any other indicators that children are nearby.

Tip 2: Visit local play areas

Visit local neighborhood parks and other play areas with your children to meet other kids and families.  Bring along healthy food to share, like fruit or muffins, and teach your kids a few icebreakers to help them initiate conversation.

Tip 3: Host small parties

Invite the neighborhood children for a play party. Choose a fun theme and pick up a few party favors and theme-based toys. Invite the parents as well so that you can meet new people. If you’d like, you can take your children around to deliver the invitations.

Tip 4: Participate in local events

Check out the local community and recreation centres to see if there are any activities suitable for your children. Many community centres have classes designed specifically for children. Join with your children to meet new people.

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