Helping Your Children Settle into a New Community: Part II of II


family picnic with books

While children are quick to adapt and make new friends, the following tips can help make their transition easier. Below we continue from our last entry with suggestions to help your children settle into their new community:

Tip 5: Go to the library

The library is a great place to meet other parents and children. You can ask the staff to point you towards family-oriented activities, so get a library card and spend an afternoon in the children’s section to check out the books and let your children interact with others.

Tip 6: Visit local children’s stores

Local stores often cater to children, specializing in clothing, toys or books. Often, the staff can provide wonderful information on things to do and events that are occurring in your neighborhood. There might also be bulletin boards with postings that you can check out.

Tip 7: Get outdoors more

Sometimes, all your kids need to do to meet other children is to just get outside and spend time in your front or backyard.  Take them for a bike ride, a walk or play games on your front porch and wait for your neighbors to drop by and say hello. The more time you spend outside, the more likely it is you will encounter new people, including local children.

Tip 8: Visit the schools

Take your children to the schools and let them loose in the schoolyard after school hours. You may find that the local children will be more welcoming in the school environment to new faces.

We hope that you will find these tips helpful in getting your children to settle down into their new community. If you are finding yourself in need of moving services in Greater Vancouver, please feel free to see what we can do for you