Fuchichara C.

Hello Morning Li,

I’m sending this email to you to let you know that I was impressed with your moving crew who worked for us on Sunday, February 24 @ 9:00AM. Through the years of buying and selling homes and moving quite often I have never worked with a better moving crew.

The plan was to store my furniture on a temporary basis while my house is being constructed.

Firstly, they showed up at 8:45 am and went right to work. The name of the crew was Sky, Jason and Meng.

The crew did a great job of carefully wrapping our more valuable furniture pieces and took extra care to ensure there was no damage to the furniture or the walls of my house.

I rented a 10 x 10 storage unit because the storage establishment said this would fit a 4 bedroom house, but this is not the case at all unless you store your furniture in a ridiculous tetris style. My main concern was having to rent another costly storage unit. I addressed this concern with the crew, and they said they will try their best.

The crew really took an extra effort to ensure my stuff would fit and carefully stacked my furniture so I would not have to rent another storage unit. I very much appreciate their sincere effort. I know other movers would not have gone the extra mile like this.

I also like the fact that the crew was concerned about not wasting time that I was paying for.

The total job took 6.5 hours and was one of most difficult moves I have experienced (I have moved homes 7 times in the last 15 years)

I have heavy solid wood furniture and electronics but the crew worked 100% right up to the last minute. I gave the crew a well deserved $100.00 tip on my Visa.

Please ensure that Sky, Jason and Meng get this well deserved tip.

Fuchichara C.