Should a Family Move into a High-Rise Condo?


One of the big benefits of moving into a Vancouver high-rise (image via

As a Greater Vancouver moving company we have gained much insight into the mindset of family households as they move into a wide variety of residential properties throughout the Lower Mainland. Because we consider the relocation industry a part of the broad real estate process itself, Best Choice Moving & Storage continues to provide our readers with advice on many decisions related to their up and coming household moves. In this week’s post we look at high-rise condos and weigh in as to whether or not these towering residences are in fact a good match for family units. Without keeping you in suspense, we can tell you right off the bat that for some of you, a high-rise may very well be your best option when it comes to relocating your family into a new home.

5 Reasons Why a New High-Rise Condo May Suit Your Family

1. The Amenities

One thing that most new high-rise condos in Greater Vancouver have are amenities that can be enjoyed by the family. While houses may have backyards to play in, moving into a new Vancouver high-rise tends to offer unprecedented access to resort-like amenities. A typical downtown Vancouver condo, for example, comes “equipped” with a fitness center, a 20-seat (average) movie theater, a common area, a swimming pool, and even more – all included in the lease/strata. What more could a family want?

2. The Convenience

Suburb house living is great but when it’s 10 PM and you’ve run out of toilet paper you’ll wish you lived in a high-rise complex which are often located near major retail points. High-rise condos are also often conveniently located near medical clinics, day cares, and a wide variety of other shops and services that your family will appreciate living near.

3. The Upkeep

Family life is a busy one. Households chores are one thing but factor in the upkeep of a yard and a home exterior and you’ve added countless of hours to your home workload. Who has time for that between careers, school, soccer practices, and so forth? Living in a condo provides families with more time to spend on the important things (spending quality time together) vs maintaining the physical layout of a property.

4. The Expense

Buying a single family home tends to be much more expensive than compared to that of a condo in the same relative area. The aforementioned upkeep of an actual house also adds a significant annual expense. If your family is currently quite budget-conscious a condo may better suit your lifestyle.

5. The Commitment

Is your family one that needs to be more flexible with respect to being able to relocate at some point in the near future? Perhaps you anticipate changing careers or expanding your business. Maybe you’re hoping your kids will be accepted into a school located elsewhere from where you currently reside. No matter the reason the commitment of a detached family home isn’t for every family. This is something that you will also want to consider when preparing to move into a new home.

Deciding on your next home is of course a very important decision as is every part of the process. For the relocation portion of your next relocation you will want to secure the services of a local and long distance mover with vast experience in moving family households. Contact Best Choice Moving & Storage anytime.