Cost-saving food tips For when you’re “on the move”

family moving Moving comes with huge expenses, so you would certainly not want to put more strain on your wallets during this hectic period. To save yourself money, consider staying in instead of eating out and/or ordering take-outs. By following the tips we have provided below, you may find that it is not that difficult to resist outside temptations to safeguard your purse.

Tip #1: Pack a food emergency box

This should contain only the essentials to sustain you and your loved ones over for 48 to 72 hours in your new place or your old home while you are waiting to move out. You should include some standard staples (such as bread, rice, or pasta), fruits and vegetables, liquids, dishes, and cleaning products. A standard kit contents may include the following: salt, oil, apples, oranges, cooked rice, ham, cheese, juice, pan, knife, dishsoap, sponge, plates, and utensils.

Tip #2: Make a calendar

During a move, you may want to make up a food calendar so that you will stay on track on your food budget and plan. Plan out simple meals full of proteins and fibre and repeat the days as needed. Do not worry about variety at this point as your main goal is to make sure you have the basic meals planned out and that you will not go hungry during your move. Include a few days of eating out is fine too, as there will be days that you will simply be too tired to prepare any food. Taste buds can be sacrificed during this period, and we are sure that you will agree to this.

Tip #3: Stock your fridge

Make sure your refrigerator is full of veggies (fresh or steamed and sealed), fruits, and meats. It is preferred if you keep them in the freezer as that will preserve them longer and you will not have to worry about keeping track of food items that will go bad in the other compartments of your refrigerator.  

Tip #4: Eat simple meals

Actually, stop cooking and eat all of your vegetables raw with simple sides that also do not need any cooking. This can save you tremendous amount of time as well as energy for more packing, organizing, and unloading.

Although we cannot become your home cooks during your move, we can become your local Vancouver movers. If you are need of our services, please feel free to call us for a free estimate.