Checklist of Things to Do after Moving In: Part I

Vancouver movers offer tips for settling into your new home.

You will be able to declare the grueling parts of the move to be officially over once you have moved the last box into your new home. However, this does not mean that there is nothing else left to do. In fact, there is a checklist of duties you should go through before you can finally relax.

Check major appliances

If you have moved any major appliances (e.g. stove, washer, dryer) from your old home, make sure all of them are still in working conditions and that they are not damaged during the move. This goes for the appliances that your movers have prepared and moved for you as well. Your insurance policy usually has expiration dates, so be sure to check your appliances early to make a claim, should there be any need to do so.

Check all boxes and furniture

Again, this is to make sure that nothing was damaged during the move. Also, this is to make sure you have not lost anything. If you made up a home inventory list before your move, now is the time to put it to its final use. Contact your insurance company and mover to submit a claim if you found anything lost. It is important to do this immediately upon moving in or else you might not be successful in getting a reimbursement.

Set up your utilities

Make sure your services are running before you check your electronics. Sometimes it might be helpful to pay the next couple of months’ bill ahead of time in case you would forget – which is a common occurrence after the chaos of moving into a new home. There is nothing worse than finding yourself without water and hydro late one night when you get up to make yourself soup after a hard day’s unpacking.

Keep your documentation

Make sure you have collected all your receipts and documentation related to the move. Make a specific file for them and keep it in a secure place. If you meet certain criteria set up by the Canadian government, you may be able to claim your move on your next tax return.

Enroll your children

Research local schools and register your children as soon as possible so that they can establish a regular routine and have an easier time settling in.

Hopefully you will find this checklist helpful in sorting out your priorities after your move. If you are moving in local Vancouver and want to know more about our services, check out our moving and storage page.