How to avoid SKS (Sad Kids Syndrome)* when you move: Part II

Avoid grumpy kids when moving with our Vancouver Movers' helpful tips.

*Note: It’s not a real clinical disorder

Children need special attention and more time than adults during the big transition. If you have young children (e.g. toddlers and preschoolers), they may become overwhelmed by the process due to their limited capacity to understand what the change encompasses. We suggest that you consider the following tips that our Vancouver movers have set out for you to prepare them for the relocation.

Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited about the Move: Part II

  1. Keep your words simple and make your information as clear as possible
  2. If possible, make up a story about you and your family to illustrate the move. For additional clarity and fun, you can make use of their favorite toys and act out the story
  3. Make sure they are present when you pack. This is to avoid them later accusing you of throwing out their toys and belongings. Of course, whether or not you do so in their presence may still result you being accused anyway, so be ready to deal with some temper tantrums
  4. If your new home is nearby and vacant, take your children for a visit ahead of time and take a few toys over each time you visit so as to make the new surroundings more familiar for them
  5. Move your children’s furniture and belongings gradually and save the most important pieces of furniture last
  6. Postpone getting rid of your children’s old belongings. For example, if you save their furniture and take it along with you to the new house, it could be very comforting for them. In fact, if possible, try to arrange the furniture in a similar way to provide a sense of familiarity
  7. Avoid another big change soon after the move, such as toilet training. Your children has had enough for now, so give them a bit of a break before springing another big project on them
  8. If they are not able to help, arrange for your children to stay with a babysitter on moving day
  9. Make sure you allow them to say goodbye properly
  10. Give them their favorite food for their very first meal in the new house

We hope that you will consider putting the abovementioned tips to use if you have toddlers and preschoolers in the family. Although we are unable to help your children adjust to the new place, we can help you, the parents, with the move, especially if it is in the Greater Vancouver. For more information about our local moving services.