4 Tips to Moving with a Baby


Our Vancouver moving company has offered a world of advice when it comes to moves taking place under a wide variety of circumstances. Today’s addition to that editorial workflow is probably the most important of them all – how to perform a household relocation when you have a baby. These precious new additions to our lives add an incomparable level of sensitivity to a move and thus we hope that you consider the tips below.

4 Tips to Moving When You Have a Baby

1. Get Their New Room Ready by Decorating it the Same

Unless your baby is a newborn without any familiarity of his or her current surroundings you will want to ensure that the baby’s room in the new home mimics as much of the current one as possible. This includes any corner of your own master bedroom where the baby is accustomed to nursing and/or napping. Keep the sights (paint, wallpaper, furnishings, etc…), sounds, and scents the same so that your baby does not undergo a dramatic change so early in their little lives – being born into the world was a shock enough as it is.

2. Keep Calm So that They Don’t Get Stressed Too

Everything in this list is suggested to make sure that your baby feels no stress whatsoever during your household move. One of the best ways to prevent stress on your infant is to make sure that you don’t feel any first. They pick up on your emotional queues better than anyone else in your world so simply decide to remain stress free during the relocation. When you have such a delightful “package” in the room it can actually be easier than you think – keep calm and focus on your beautiful baby.

3. Make Sure All Utilities Are Set Up

People often move into a home to find out that one or more utilities are not working because there was some issue between coordinating the disconnection of the old utilities and connection of the new ones. When you are single or a young couple such a thing is of little consequence but when you’re moving in with a baby you need everything in proper working order from the second you move in. Contact your utility providers early on in the moving process and set a solid schedule.

4. Get Help, Lots of It

Forget trying to go at it alone when moving with a baby. While you will of course enlist the help of friends and family during this time the best way to ensure that your relocation has no detrimental impact on your infant’s happy demeanor is to secure the services of a professional mover with years of experience in moving families. If you are moving to or from the Greater Vancouver area we encourage you to contact Best Choice Moving & Storage today.