3 Things to Do When Moving to a New City When Your Condo isn’t Complete


Excuse the long-winded title to this week’s blog post but it is necessary. You see, this may not be the most common problem for individuals and households moving to a new city, but it is indeed problem for more people than you may think. How often do you see “under-construction” conjoined condominium/commercial development projects with a big sign on the exterior fence stating a completion date that has already passed months ago? Quite a bit, right? Now imagine all of the owners that pre-purchased these properties on that promise. Then imagine those few that have set the wheels in motion to move from another city for a new career (etc…) and have depended upon the slated date of completion to begin their new life.

The issues that lead to the delays in completing a condo development can practically leave new owners arriving from out of town on the street if they have no contingency plan in place. For those select few our Greater Vancouver moving company has provided key tips for what to do when this happens to you.

3 Steps to Take for New Residents Waiting to Move into Their Pre-Purchased Condo

1. Find Out if You Have Legal Recourse – the New Precedent

Year’s ago pre-purchase condo owners had no recourse in the event that developers reneged on a promised completion date. You may have accepted a new job in a new city, sold your existing home or cancelled the rental lease in your current city, and committed to an arrival date, only to find out that developers have delayed your ability to take possession while accepting no responsibility. However a case in Toronto┬áin recent times set a new precedent in favor of pre-purchasing condo owners. The plantiff was the victim of the scenario addressed in this topic and fought for financial compensation to account for the expenses incurred by the delay. He won, and forever changed the “not my problem” attitude unfortunately taken by many developers.

2. Find Temporary Accommodations

Whether you are allotted full financial compensation or otherwise, it does not change the fact that you will have to find temporary accommodations in the new city until your condo is ready. If you have friends or family in town that’s great, but then you are likely not the one reading this post. Unless you’re making the big bucks a hotel is probably out of the question. These days, many extended-stay leisure and business travelers alike take to sites like AirBNB where property owners post their lodgings for a very reasonable rate for extended-stay (one month, etc…) scenarios.

3. Secure Professional and Convenient Storage

Whether staying with friends, family, or in an extended-stay accommodation you will need storage for the possessions coming along with you to the new city. You don’t exactly want to dump that burden on your temporary residence (nor will you be allowed to in a temporary rental). Instead your best, and potentially only, option is to find self-storage close by your new job (or whichever physical destination is related to your move) and your new condo – not just for convenience but to keep an eye on the progress.

For those of you moving to Vancouver, whether experiencing this challenging scenario or otherwise, Best Choice Moving & Storage is here to lend a helping hand. Please feel free to contact our Vancouver moving services office anytime – we’re here for you.