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Tips for Moving with Children

Vancouver Movers tips for moving with children

Moving is a difficult time, especially for children. They may not always understand why they are moving and this can lead to more confusion. Enrolling in a new school, making new friends, and adjusting to a new home are scary thoughts for children. So, we wanted to offer some tips to help make the move easier on your children. Here are 5 tips for moving with children.

How to Get your Kids on Board with the Move

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Moving Awkward Furniture: Pianos

Our Vancouver moving company shares their tips for moving pianos.
Is it conflict of interest for us to recommend that you hire professional movers when it comes to moving pianos? Even if it is, we still want to do so, especially if you need to move it through stairs or elevators. This is because we care for you enough to bear the sin. Pianos are heavy and valuable, and so are your home and your back. If you are truly set on moving the piano yourself, please at least take the following advice to heart:

How to Properly Relocate a Piano

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Moving Awkward Furniture: Refrigerators

Clean out your fridge before moving it.If you hold your refrigerator as dearly as your other investments, you would move them with care. However, like any other heavy piece of furniture, moving these steel monstrosities can be difficult. If you have the time, right equipment, and extra hands, follow the five-step instructions we have laid out for you to move your refrigerator the right way.

How to Move a Refrigerator

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Moving Awkward Furniture: Televisions

Our Vancouver Movers offer tips for moving your television safely.Sometimes we must admit we feel like Homer Simpson. After a hard day’s moving, we, too, like to “bask in television’s warm glowing warming glow” with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in another. It is with this sentiment that we so value our television sets – not only because they cost so much money, but also because how much entertainment they provide us. After all, if it were not for these babies, we would have missed the 2014 FIFA World Cup! If you value this electronic treasure as much as we do, then follow these instructions for moving them safely and effectively.

How to Properly Move a Television

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Moving to a new country: Tips for learning a new language

Moving internationallyMoving abroad can be both exciting and daunting, but it is certainly a brave choice that affords you with many new challenges and growth opportunities that you will appreciate down the road. One of the first challenges you will encounter in your new country is learning a foreign language. There are a lot of methods to foreign language learning, but each way has its own pros and cons. There is no definite “best” way to learn a foreign language because each person’s learning style is different.

Embrace the challenges of moving to a culturally diverse city and embracing a new language and culture

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Should I Move To A Cheaper City?

Have you been thinking about moving away from Vancouver to save money?

When you feel as though expensive groceries and inflated gas prices are eating away at your disposable income, it may be time to consider a move. Moving to a cheaper city will definitely cut costs, but there are some trade-offs as well. Here are some things to consider before you make your decision.

Weighing the pros and cons when considering a move takes careful thought

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How to avoid SKS (Sad Kids Syndrome)* when you move: Part III

Our Vancouver Movers wanted to finish off their moving with children article with additional tips for moving with teens. *Note: It’s not a real clinical disorder

Older children will have more mature mental capacity and will be able to understand your reasons for the relocation better. However, this is not to say that they will not need any special attention and care from you, their parents, to help them with the transition. Our Vancouver movers wanted to provide you with some suggestions on how to help your school-age children/teenagers deal with the big move:

Tips for Getting Older Children and Teens Excited about the Move: Part III

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How to avoid SKS (Sad Kids Syndrome)* when you move: Part II

Avoid grumpy kids when moving with our Vancouver Movers' helpful tips.

*Note: It’s not a real clinical disorder

Children need special attention and more time than adults during the big transition. If you have young children (e.g. toddlers and preschoolers), they may become overwhelmed by the process due to their limited capacity to understand what the change encompasses. We suggest that you consider the following tips that our Vancouver movers have set out for you to prepare them for the relocation.

Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited about the Move: Part II

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How to avoid SKS (Sad Kids Syndrome)* when you move: Part I

Let your Vancouver movers help make your next move a pleasant experience for all members of your family.
*Note: It’s not a real clinical disorder

Sooner or later, your family has to move. As disruptive as it is for the family, it can even be more traumatic for children. If you are moving with your children and you sense that they are affected negatively by the transition, give these tips a try to see if they can make the process less stressful for your little ones.

Our Vancouver Movers’ Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited about the Move

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Things to Consider When Moving In With a Partner

Our Vancouver movers offer tips for moving in with your partner.
Moving in together marks a big step in your relationship and ups the commitment situation by a whole new level. Now you’re not only sharing your space, but your life, together. This will undoubtedly change the relationship in many ways, both positively and negatively. Here are some things to keep in mind when making this decision.

What to Consider when Moving in Together

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