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5 Tips to Moving Antiques

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When it comes to moving your possessions one could hardly imagine more sensitive items to pack and transport than antiques. Vintage wares and antiques are popular items for curation within many Greater Vancouver homes and as the Lower Mainland’s premier relocation company we are called upon on numerous occasions to professionally pack and move these valuable (in sentiment and appraisal) goods. Because of this we thought we would provide our readers with some advice on what-to-do when preparing for a household move when antiques are counted among their collections.

5 Tips to Moving Antiques During a Household Relocation

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How to Prepare Your Home When Your Students Move Back In

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Awhile back our Vancouver movers blog touched on the topic of how empty-nesters can adjust to the life transition of when their kids move off to college. However now that it is the middle of May many students are returning to the homestead, turning an empty nest into an overflowing bundle of laundry and utility bills. That’s right, while it can be a joy to have the kids move back in for the summer it does come with a set of challenges. To help you get through this time when the flock returns to the nest we have provided a few helpful tips on how to accommodate this change in routine.

3 Tips to Preparing Your Home for Returning Students

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4 Tips to Moving with a Baby


Our Vancouver moving company has offered a world of advice when it comes to moves taking place under a wide variety of circumstances. Today’s addition to that editorial workflow is probably the most important of them all – how to perform a household relocation when you have a baby. These precious new additions to our lives add an incomparable level of sensitivity to a move and thus we hope that you consider the tips below.

4 Tips to Moving When You Have a Baby

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Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in May


The first day of May (today) marks yet another new edition of our monthly moving blog series. The snow caps are slowly disappearing off of our Greater Vancouver horizon and we can tell spring is indeed in the air, along with the rustlings of an impending summer moving season ahead. This month marks a unique take on the home relocation process so be sure to take a gander at our advice below to help you move during the month of May.

5 Tips to Moving in May

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