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Should a Family Move into a High-Rise Condo?


One of the big benefits of moving into a Vancouver high-rise (image via

As a Greater Vancouver moving company we have gained much insight into the mindset of family households as they move into a wide variety of residential properties throughout the Lower Mainland. Because we consider the relocation industry a part of the broad real estate process itself, Best Choice Moving & Storage continues to provide our readers with advice on many decisions related to their up and coming household moves. In this week’s post we look at high-rise condos and weigh in as to whether or not these towering residences are in fact a good match for family units. Without keeping you in suspense, we can tell you right off the bat that for some of you, a high-rise may very well be your best option when it comes to relocating your family into a new home.

5 Reasons Why a New High-Rise Condo May Suit Your Family

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How to Keep Construction Noise Out of Your Home


If you have recently moved into a newer Greater Vancouver house or condo the chances are pretty good that you have found yourself right smack in the middle of a construction zone. The Lower Mainland is filled with construction sites that evidence the population growth of the region. We have talked to many households about the experience of moving into a condo with a nice view, only to find out that within weeks of moving that nice wide open space fronting their patio has been parked with bulldozers, excavators, and backhoe loaders while a crane begins to reach for the sky. This is a typical Vancouver problem – noise pollution experienced from moving next to a construction lot. What is one to do?

In our continuous endeavor to help our clients and prospective customers with all things related to the relocation process and home-living in general, we’ve provided a few helpful tips to help you get through the noise when you are living next to a temporary construction site in Vancouver.

5 Tips to Keeping Construction Noise Out of Your Home

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3 Things to Do When Moving to a New City When Your Condo isn’t Complete


Excuse the long-winded title to this week’s blog post but it is necessary. You see, this may not be the most common problem for individuals and households moving to a new city, but it is indeed problem for more people than you may think. How often do you see “under-construction” conjoined condominium/commercial development projects with a big sign on the exterior fence stating a completion date that has already passed months ago? Quite a bit, right? Now imagine all of the owners that pre-purchased these properties on that promise. Then imagine those few that have set the wheels in motion to move from another city for a new career (etc…) and have depended upon the slated date of completion to begin their new life.

The issues that lead to the delays in completing a condo development can practically leave new owners arriving from out of town on the street if they have no contingency plan in place. For those select few our Greater Vancouver moving company has provided key tips for what to do when this happens to you.

3 Steps to Take for New Residents Waiting to Move into Their Pre-Purchased Condo

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Vancouver Movers Tip to Moving in April

Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in April

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The first entire month of spring has sprung with the beginning of April. As we post this article from our Vancouver moving company office the sun is shining, the blossoms are blooming, and the air is crisp – making for the perfect day to pen our entry into our monthly moving tips series. The month of April doesn’t vary too far from our March edition but it is still unique within itself. So if you plan on moving this month you have our permission go find a perfect patio spot, grab a coffee or tea, and soak up the sun to this most recent Best Choice Moving and Storage blog post.

5 Tips to Moving in April

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