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Tips to Moving into a Vancouver Condo with a Dog


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Vancouver is a dog loving city. Households all around the Lower Mainland make concessions in their life to accommodate the needs of their four legged family member. For the most part the relocation process for those of you with dogs is pretty straight forward and we have even provided tips in the past regarding advice on moving with dogs. However this recent article on moving to downtown Vancouver, with a heavy emphasis on condominium living, reminded us that a whole new set of considerations are at play when it comes to relocating into a condo with a dog. Best Choice Moving thought we’d weigh in on this important issue today.

4 Tips to Moving into a Vancouver Condominium with your Dog

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Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving to the Waterfront


If you are moving to, or within, Vancouver the chances that your next home lands you near the waterfront are greater than almost anywhere else in the country. Our proximity to saltwater bays, channels, harbors, and marinas puts many houses and condos within steps of the ocean. Best Choice Moving has moved more than a few households to the waterfront and because of this we have gained some insight that will serve you well, if such a relocation is on your horizon.

4 Tips for Households Moving to Vancouver’s Waterfront

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Tips to Moving to Downtown Vancouver


A recent article in the Vancouver Sun detailed the large growth in Metro Vancouver real estate sales at the onset of 2014. Within this widespread Lower Mainland trend includes a growth of downtown Vancouver sales, predominantly in the west side condominium market. As a Vancouver mover we make it our job to follow these trends as movement in real estate impacts movement in the local moving industry. As a local and long distance relocation expert we have transported individuals and households throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond into the downtown core and outlying areas. Our staff and company as a whole is very familiar with moving to and living within our metropolis and thus have decided to put together a quick list to help you with your move to the epicenter of Greater Vancouver.

4 Tips to Moving to Downtown Vancouver

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Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in March


The first Monday of the month always marks the arrival of our Vancouver mover’s monthly moving tip blog series. March is a month of major transitions and thus offers a unique take on the household relocation process for those of you living (and moving) in the Lower Mainland. We hope this article offers you a little extra insight for what to expect in the month ahead should you be planning for a move.

4 Tips to Moving in March

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