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Vancouver Movers 5 Tips to Moving in the Rain


The weather from this passed weekend was the inspiration for this week’s blog post. As Greater Vancouver movers we have a lot of experience with moving households during severe bouts of rain. If you end up securing the services of our moving company and the skies shower you have no need for concern for your possessions – we’ve got you covered (literally and figuratively). However today’s edition serves to provide sound advice to households that are undertaking a move on their own, when rain is forecast on the horizon.

5 Tips to Moving Your Home in the Rain

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Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving into a High-Rise Condo

Vancouver Movers for Condos

The densification of Greater Vancouver, especially within the downtown area, continues to grow with the ever expanding population. To accommodate the influx of new residents condominiums are popping up at every turn. As each year passes our Vancouver moving company moves households – be it individuals, young couples, empty nesters, or entire family units – into condos at a greater rate than the year previous. Throughout the new era we have become one of the most well versed movers in the condo moving process and in today’s blog post we thought we would share a few valuable tips with you so that your next high-rise relocation goes without the slightest hitch.

5 Tips to Moving into a High-Rise Condominium

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Vancouver Movers Guide to Moving in September

Moving in September

For movers, this sign marks the beginning of “New Year Resolutions”

While most of you begin your new year resolutions some time in January or February for moving companies that process begins in September. The official “moving season” lasts from late spring until the end of summer where the school year begins. In honor of this seasonal transition our Vancouver movers thought it best to begin our new monthly moving blog series that guides readers through the different variables that arrive with each passing month through the “relocation year”. Naturally, we begin this week with the month of September.

5 Tips to Moving in September

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Vancouver Movers Tips for Household Libraries

Book Storage Ideas

Books are a common denominator in practically every household move. Some libraries consist of nothing more than a corner bookshelf in the home while others require a sliding ladder to reach bound leather treasures from their perch. No matter the size of the collections books often offer a challenge when moving. They’re heavy, cumbersome, and tend to include hoarded volumes that have not been opened, or will ever again be opened, thus needlessly adding to the excess load coming along on a relocation and burdening storage space in the home. In today’s blog post our Vancouver moving and storage company is providing a few tips for managing books when preparing for your next household relocation. This begins with you taking an accounting of your home library, identifying what you do need to keep (for reading or for curated collections) and what you don’t. Once this is done, you can proceed with the following.

5 Tips for Moving, Removing, & Storing Books

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