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Vancouver Movers Tips for Part Time Residents

Moving tips for part time residents

Are your suitcases by the door more often than not? You may be a part time resident

As the summer season winds down our Vancouver moving company is reminded about the relatively large number of part time residents that we have living here in Greater Vancouver. Some of them are Empty Nesters or Well-to-Do couples that love the spring and summer in Vancouver but flee south (far south) of the border when the rain and autumn chill begins to creep in. They take up residence in a property somewhere in Southern California or elsewhere where the climate is conducive to year round golf and patio martinis. Others may work overseas but also have an office in Vancouver where they operate from 6 months out of the year. Some are worldly travelers that keep a home in the city but prefer to spend the bulk of their days exploring the rest of the planet, months at a time. No matter the scenario or city, Best Choice Moving is here to offer some sound household advice for part time residents.

5 Tips for Part Time Residents/Homeowners

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Vancouver Movers Tips, for Dogs

Moving with Dogs

Ease this little fella’s trepidation by following our tips

For many households dogs are not just pets, they are a part of the family. In cities such as Vancouver, where boutique dog shops outnumber stores that cater to children and a walk along the sea wall evidences pups in walking strollers it becomes clear that pooches play an important role in the lives of many people, our customers included. In this week’s blog post our Vancouver moving company provides tips to make sure that families that count dogs amongst their number move, and move them with care.

5 Tips to Moving with Dogs

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Vancouver Movers 5 Tips for New Empty Nesters

“Now what?”

The next college semester is exactly two weeks away and for many parents across the country their youngest child, now an adult, is shipping off to university for the final year and moving from the home for good. Now of course this is an emotional time for all parents but it also marks the beginning of a new stage in life. If you fit this category you are now considered an Empty Nester.

The entire household dynamic changes as this new stage settles in. While it will take getting used to the quiet around the home the transition period also presents a great opportunity to start anew. With the final 14 days counting down our Vancouver movers decided to put together a quick list to help Empty Nesters with some of the logistic-like details on how to both prepare for and accommodate the arrival of their soon-to-be wide open home.

5 Tips to Preparing the Home for Empty Nesters

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Vancouver Movers Suggestions for Unexpected Household Packing Supplies


There’s more than one packing supply option in this picture

Our Vancouver moving company sells packing supplies. Most big moving companies do. However we understand that many of you opt to take care of some of the packing supply end of things on your own. In our undying effort to serve our customers and readers with useful tips for the entire relocation process we thought we’d provide a few pointers as to how common household items can serve you in protecting your possessions while saving space at the same time. By using items that you already have in the home as a part of your packing, you make no additions to the overall load that comes along on the relocation.

5 Unexpected Household Items That Can Be Used For Packing

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Vancouver Moving and Storage Company Tips on at Home Storage


Unless your home is built with space saving trap doors you’ll need the advice below

Best Choice Moving is not just Greater Vancouver’s most reliable local and long distance moving company, we are one of the most sought after local Vancouver storage providers. Our facilities are safe, secure, and affordable and we recommend that anyone moving households considers either short or long term storage for improved efficiency on their relocation. However we understand that there are many items that are best served kept in close proximity within your home and thus in our never ending duty to provide our readers with useful tips on the entire moving process we thought we’d provide a few pointers on how to maximize your “at home” storage.

5 Tips to Optimize at Home Storage

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