10 tips for moving your boat to your new location

boat hitched to a trailerIf you are a boat-owner, when moving day comes you will need to haul your boat to your new location.  Avoid damages during transport with these ten steps to prepare your boat for a safe journey to your new home:

Step 1: Remove all loose items, such as cups, water toys, lifejackets and any other personal belongings. You should also remove or secure items such as curtains, ladders, windshields or seat cushions. If you need to leave them on, make sure they are completely secure and will not move around by tying them down.

Step 2: Remove items outside your boat, such as radar, antennas, propellers, flag masts, lights and hailers. Pack them securely and store them below the boat or inside your trucks.

Step 3: Try to use up the remaining fuel in the tanks. If you have a full tank and do not have time to use it, drain the tank. It is best to move without a full tank to prevent any spillage.

Step 4: If you are moving during cold weather, secure and wrap any items that are sensitive to the cold, such as the water pipes and the engine.

Step 5: Remove the plug

Step 6: If your boat is small in size, then consider shrink-wrapping it to protect it from road tar and dirt. If you do not want to shrink-wrap your boat, then it is recommended to pay for a good wash-down after delivery

Step 7: Disconnect battery cables

Step 8: Drain water-holding and all other tanks

Step 9: Talk to your moving company about the specifics and rehearse how you will move the boat. Make sure to get their insurance policy and quotes ahead of time

Step 10: Get your mover to do a complete condition check of your boat prior to loading and again at offloading

We hope you have a successful boat-transporting experience. If you are moving ¬†locally in Vancouver, browse our moving services. We’d be happy to help.